Effortless Sex

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Remember how much fun you had when you were a kid?

-It makes me feel fantastic to imagine that I’m sucking somebody else off into my mouth!

-Yippee! It feels good knowing that my hips are going to make an interesting distinction.

Did you ever have a moment when you felt as good as when you were “on your own” and were getting all sorts of dirty looks from some guys?

I’m talking about the “healthy excitement” we had as kids.

-How about getting the “have to make a quick change in the pants” joke from your dad?

-And getting excited over something like being in a new movie with your “regular” broken-in jeans?

Being a kid and having all sorts of fun is an interesting and unique experience.

One fun thing about being a kid (besides the constant physical contact with other kids) is that… you know things are not that funny when you are an adult. You can stop stuff like this… you just don’t do it with your kids.

You may have met your “builders” in secret and work out and eat right and… never seem to have heard the end of it!

-Does it get a little old, after all?

-You’re turning 40 next week.

-I think I’ve seen the worst.

-You’re getting married and cannot wear the dress you paid for.

-I don’t think I can take the kids out on a ride.

-I don’t have the popularity right now.

I’m sure you got good one-on-one attention from your moms.

-I don’t know if I’ve ever read the criticism you’ve faced?

-Ever get the look from a guy on the beach?

-How about the looks you get from the cute girl at the mall?

-How many girls have you used as sexual intercourse participants?

-How often have you given oral pleasure as a child?

-Do I look fat?

Get real with me, and tell me that as a child, you used to get lots of looks from competent well-dressed men (in your clothes) who at one in the morning found you attractive. Were you embarrassed by that? A week before that you saw a muscular guy in your class, and you felt intimidated.

Because you felt unattractive I didn’t even ask you out on a date – and if I did it was because I thought you were……

– tied up in your brain saying, “Look at the fat guy!”

-Anyway, I used to get ALL the attention, even from the guys in my arms who all were attractive – and you know what else?

I’m twenty-something with three kids, working and maintaining a career, paying my bills.

What is my punishment for being overweight? Well…..

-I hate the tennis court

-I hate to buy clothes that don’t fit

-I hate that no one believes I can lose weight and keep it off –

New research from the University folks used brain signals to modulate appetite with food. You will eat less if you are hungry and feel more satisfied with your meal.

(N Occcho, 2007)

Come to think about it, we have some biological reason for feeling full after the first bite of any food. Digestion itself requires energy and the body burns fat to supply it, so the food you eat isn’t actually “empty”. Food is full of valuable nutrients and needs to be eaten to nourish the body.

Have you ever eaten a huge meal that you just couldn’t shake off?

Add that to our list of potential hunger-satisfying foods. This is not to say that researchers have found a magical weight loss cure because one does exist. Fad diets do not create health and should not be recommended.

-rests your body and mind and gives it the chance to work for you and not against you

-stops the breakdown of muscle tissue into fat

-provides a reserve of fat