February, 2009


Sweetly charming or sleek and modern - it's your call. This palette offers endless possibilities for brides who want to summon the sunshine for their wedding day festivities. It's hard to imagine a more modern color combination than clean white and cool gray, but when you add a splash of sunshine, something magical happens: Things get very, very happy. This is not the palette for brides who take their weddings with a side of irony or for those who want solemn faces at the reception.

My grandmother always said I was, "sweet as a peach and twice and as juicy," but I think that turn of phrase best describes this color palette more than the likes of me. Hues in lavender, khaki and peach blend together to form a delicious and inviting spring time design. Include natural elements like canned peaches as party favors, typeset Save the Date fonts in a rich lavender and cap off the accents elements in khaki. Remember there are no rules when it comes to color, go with what makes you feel best!

What's better than realization that it's Friday? It's the opportunity for six lucky readers, to win FREE TICKETS to one of either the Cape or Hamptons Wedding Affair events (we are giving away 3 couples tickets to the Cape & Islands Wedding Affair & 3 couples tickets to the Hamptons wedding affair) ! These signature destination bridal events are filled with lavish decor, innovative floral and table top design, fabulous vendors from across the state, and much much more!

When Donna Savattere first spotted Nahill Younis across the room at a New Year’s Eve party in the Bahamas, she was instantly smitten by his tall good looks and sense of personal style. When she walked up to introduce herself and Nahill told her that he also lived in Manhattan, she demanded to see his driver’s license as proof. Nahill obliged, happy to prove to this forthright stranger that he was in fact, her New York City neighbor, and from that moment on, the two were inseparable.

Lisa Albaneze used to joke with her mom that if she married Robert Misa, she’d be Lisa Misa. Introduced by a
mutual friend, Lisa was serious about Rob almost from the first time they met. At the time, Rob wasn’t looking for a steady girlfriend, but Lisa was persistent because she felt that they had a real connection. They became friends and then, at a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert, there came a magic moment, says Lisa, when “we both just knew we had found the person we were supposed to spend the rest of our life with.”

It all started on the train to East Hampton . Kaitlin Thanhauser was on her way to one of her favorite summertime
destinations with a small group of friends when she spotted a friend from college. The friend invited Kaitlin and her
companions to a barbecue at the house he and some friends were renting in Southampton. There, as luck would have it, Will Flynn was manning the grill. Kaitlin and Will clicked instantly and began dating not long afterwards.