July, 2009

There aren’t many places less romantic than the departure terminal at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport, but that’s where Karen Yau and Scott Smith met. They were on a recruiting trip for the same company, and Karen definitely caught Scott’s eye. After they returned to New York, Scott kept dropping by Karen’s floor to ask her out for lunch and coffee dates. But it wasn’t until almost two years later, visiting Hong Kong on separate business trips, that things really clicked. One balmy evening, they went out for champagne and ended up dancing till dawn.


Friends insisted that Elizabeth brooks had to meet Andrew Parks —shouldn’t Texans transplanted to New York City stick together? And sure enough, when Elizabeth and Andrew met one summer in the Hamptons, they clicked. Andrew asked a friend for more details about Elizabeth and announced his plans to ask her out immediately after the party, but it took him almost three weeks to actually invite her to join him for dinner at a restaurant near her Upper West Side apartment.

Erin Thayer was skeptical about the idea of meeting Mr. Right at a wedding, but then a seating chart foul-up landed her at a table of strangers, including Ted Dickson. After a few awkward moments, Erin and Ted hit it off and spent the rest of the evening together. The attraction was instant, and 24 hours after they said goodbye at the wedding, they were chatting on the phone — Erin from her New York City apartment and Ted from his home in Baltimore.

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