June, 2010


There's nothing subtle about this vivid palette, and that's what makes it so much fun. Mix up vivid rainbow brights, add punchy accents and a little bit of insouciant wit, and you'll get a wedding celebration that's all about having a good time.

Summer's sun-kissed color combinations mix bright hues with the bold beauty of a summertime garden.

Rainbows of playful pastels are sweet, especially clustered with vivid summer colors.

Embrace the playfulness that the sorbet palette allows - from your menu to your favors, there are so many options to run wild with!


Skip the nautical navies and reds and drift toward a magical shore-inspired palette of dreamy sea and sand shades that evoke the relaxed beauty of the ocean. It's a palette that soothes and refreshes, welcoming guests to their port of call with open arms and an inviting smile.

Embrace the romance of the sea in your bouquet with unusual details that will delight your guests.

Enchanting visions of a nighttime beach and the romance of moonlight on the ocean are recalled in this seaworthy palette.