July, 2010

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Handmade napkins are an inexpensive and luxurious touch to add to any table. Make your guests feel at home with these bright napkins--make these exactly as shown, or use your own wedding colors for a coordinated table setting! You could try them in fun prints, or maybe designate a different hue for each table!


To make twelve double sided napkins

-24 Fat quarters (sold at most all fabric stores)

Mad about Plaid.jpg

We have fallen in love with plaid - tartan plaids, to be specific. Steeped in history, these colorful patterns traditionally identified the wearer as belonging to a specific Scottish clan. But you don't have to be Scottish--or make your fiancé dress up in a kilt--to incorporate the rich beauty of tartan plaid in your wedding day. The warmth of the wool fabric makes tartan plaid an ideal material for a winter wedding in particular.

Saras Gracious Goodies.jpg

Wedding Welcome Bags for out of town guests are a final detail usually passed onto someone in the family or wedding party and let's face it - haven't they already done enough?!  Researching, purchasing, packing and wrapping all just days
before the wedding... what's a fabulous bride to do?
Call Sara's Gracious Goodies!