Frisky Under The Sheets

What is it about getting frisky under the sheets? A popular question, and one which seems to get asked more often than not, but has not yet been answered.

Running on the surface of water could be quite a terrifying idea, unless you are a dog or rabbit. Still, it does not make the act any less exciting, and it can be an exhilarating experience if you can survive the heat and the cold.

If you have been hoping to find an answer to the question “what is it about getting frisky under the sheets that makes it such a great romantic night?” we have the perfect article for you! Let’s take a look at what we think could make this activity exciting.

First, what is it about sex on water that can make it so much more exciting? The first thing to realize is that water is often the best lubricant possible when engaging in foreplay and intercourse.

Water actually has a natural lubricant that is very similar to your own body, and this provides the best opportunity for achieving satisfying penetration when there is hot water involved. Plus, hot water also creates the best chances for your partner to have an easier time penetrating you.

Secondly, you will notice that water takes a long time to reach sexual climax when compared to other forms of sexual activity. So, when you add a sensual element into the mix you will be able to experience the blissful feeling of your partner having sex with you before your body is ready to engage in sex with him/her.

And finally, this simple fact has to do with one very important factor: The temperature of the water you are using. While a teaspoon of olive oil will provide the best lubrication in hotwater, the better and healthier lubricants will come from other forms of oils, preferably ones containing essential fatty acids.

This will help to keep the temperature of the water you are using at an appropriate level, meaning that your partner will have easy access to his/her genitals during the entire act of intercourse. Also, the lubricants that are best for sex on water will provide you with the luxury of enjoying some pleasure without feeling the pressure of a monogamous relationship.

Finding all these facts out will certainly bring on a delightful, exciting, and ultimately pleasurable experience, but you do not have to stop there. In fact, you should look into more methods of involving your partner in the act of sex, such as oral sex.

Because oral sex is more relaxed and comfortable than vaginal intercourse, it can really bring the two of you together. So next time you decide to get frisky under the sheets, consider the other ways you can explore.

Think about the other sexual acts that you would like to perform on each other, such as cunnilingus, fellatio, and rimming, and consider how you can bring them to life through the different aspects of your relationship. These are just a few of the many fun things you can do, and you will definitely have a wet dream come true.

Learn Why Getting Frisky Under the Sheets is a Bad Idea

One of the most popular ways to treat a yeast infection is by getting frisky under the sheets. This is in large part due to the fact that there are really few other methods to treat an infection that have been proven safe and effective over the years.

One of the easiest ways to get a yeast infection is by having sex with an infected partner. Women tend to take this the easiest way possible since they rarely have penile herpes in their lifetime and this is why they are not so concerned with taking precautions to protect themselves. If they are unsure if their partner has this disease then they can easily have unprotected sex with them and if they are infected then their yeast infection will worsen as a result.

The number one reason for the infection developing in the first place is something called a vaginitis vaginal infection. This infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. In fact the number one culprit that causes the infection is actually the fungus Candida albicans.

If you are pregnant and you are trying to get frisky under the sheets then you should try to take the whole idea of this infection with a grain of salt. Pregnant women do not normally develop symptoms of yeast infections and so they may think that it is something else that is going on and so they do not seek treatment.

Another important reason for the infection developing is due to changing of the vaginal environment. If the vaginal area is continually moist or is often wet then it is a perfect breeding ground for the fungus. So if you have gotten a yeast infection recently then the chances are good that you will get it again soon.

The best time to have sex is usually at least two weeks before you give birth. This is because a woman’s vagina is now ready to deal with the growing population of fungi and so the fungal growths will die down after a couple of weeks and there should be no bad effect.

A new addition to the family is that one can develop a yeast infection at any time after they become pregnant. So you can not assume that you won’t get a yeast infection when you are pregnant.

You should always remember that the infection will not go away with just a “pray it away” approach. Instead you need to seek treatment from your doctor so that you will be in control of this infection and so that you will be able to avoid spreading it to other people as well.

Just don’t get frisky under the sheets and expect that you will get rid of the infection. You will still develop the infection even though you are getting it under the sheets.

Keep in mind that just like other sexually transmitted diseases you also need to protect yourself from the spread of this infection. One way of doing this is by using condoms which are sometimes referred to as female condoms and it is usually recommended that you use them as well.

Men that have the infection are usually advised to use a condom as well. Not only will they help keep the infection away but they will also prevent a man from being able to pass on the infection to another man.