Questions to Ask About Sex

Well, I’m off to a sex life hack right now, aren’t you? Now let me ask you this…

Are you having your Fillings?

Are you eating too much?

Are you having your bodily sensations?

Are you too often debut at work?

Are you on your backside a lot?

Are you a yogurt charrette?

Are you running around performing all sorts of twitching movements?

Are you smoking a cigarette or two every night?

Are you always twitching your toe?

Are you a virgin?

Are you single?

Are you feeling a bit anxious or nervous?

Does your face get really red when you hug someone?

Are you so tense when you walk in the bedroom with your office mates?

Are you so tense you’ve restroom, or bathroom with your significant other?

Are you feeling so fatigued and sluggish towards the end of the day?

Are you scream often while your inventions and creations resolutions with your head?

Are you being anxious, worried, hesitant, and saying “I am not ready, this is not easy” or “I am too tough to lose weight”.

Are you sad often?

Are you anxious about your weight to our hearts (or in your mind?

Are you in a “weight loss mood” instead of a happy-go-lucky mood?

Are you talking and feeling foggiest ever?

Are you always twitching your finger when you touch your buttocks?

Are you eating in the near-starvation mode?

Are you always being anxious?

Are you always feeling tired?

Are you eating frequently but never seem to get full?

Are you feeling depressed frequently?

Are you always the most pessimistic person, especially around those people in your immediate vicinity?

Are you always being around other people but always in an “s Competition” mood?

Are you always being around people, but you seem to be hiding from them?

Are you constantly eating excessively but never seem to get the results here?

Are you always feeling nervous and nervous about losing that weight?

Are you always in a “weight loss mood” instead of a happy-go-lucky mood?

Are you always talking to yourself on the phone?

Are you excessively dieting, skipping meals, watching the numbers on the scale?

Are you always being anxious, worried, or watching your weight?

Are you constantly eating tons of high-sodium foods or junk food, but never seem to get results here?

Are you always saying “I am going to start my diet/program today/today”?

Are you always the heaviest person that every time you see themselves in the mirror; you hate what you see and you’re thinking about how you’ll never look like that person that you see?

Are you always being the biggest jock in the room?

Are you always being mean to yourself?

Are you always feeling tired all of the time?