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Omega-3 ups your joy-producing hormones improves your cholesterol levels and reduced body fat. Omega-3 also improves your memory, heart and brain functions.

Omega-3’s improve your moods’ ability to cope with stress and stop depression that can lead to weight gain. Studies also presented at the American Heart Association’s national conference showed that active women who Benefitted from eating fish three times a week showed reduced levels of the hormone which causes depression and some forms of cancer.

Omega-3 also improves your skin’s appearance by reducing wrinkles.

A superior resistance to insulin which helps to balance blood sugar levels.

Your strength and vigor to exercise, which will allow you to burn to eat away your fat

The ability to run faster and longer with and without getting tired

If you’re having trouble losing weight cleanse your body of toxins. It is reported that half of all Americans are infamously exposed to toxins every day, from the chemicalMeat you buy from your supermarket to the cleaning products you use.

Goji berries have been used by Tibetans for estimated 4000 years to improve their health. These tiny berries, about the size of a raisin, are low in calories, high in protein and high in antioxidants. When ingested consistently over time, they have been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack, assisting in the prevention of diabetes, and they may also reduce the effects of cancer, particularly breast cancer.

It helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure. A present study at the National Institute of Health’s Clinical Guidelines on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans said that Chinese women aged 50 or younger should consume daily yogurt (or Women’ magazine brand) for their germs.

It helps your blood pressure goes down when you lose body fat.

Eases digestion and reduces discomfort from mild digestive discomfort such as indigestion, gas or bloating.

Prevent colon cancer by eating a low-fat diet.

It helps lower triglycerides which help reduce the risk of heart attacks.

The low-fat diet reduces your cravings for sweets.

It helps you feel more energetic.